Sacred Farm

    1561 Washington St.

    Stoughton, MA  02072

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We have direct access off the farm to approximately 700+ acres of marked trails owned by the Stoughton Conservation Commission. The trails run from Bird St. to West St. to Route 138 behind the Stoughton Fish and Game. There are open pasture, a granite quarry, several small ponds and numerous wildlife.

All Day Turnout

There's ample turnout for all horses at Sacred Farm.

Most of the horses are turned out 24/7 (except in bad weather) in the 15+ fenced acres that encompass the barn yard, open land, and some woods. This allows plenty of time for the horses to be horses: hanging out with each other, grazing, ambling around, rolling in the sandy areas to their hearts' content.

This ample turnout and freedom to "just be a horse" helps reduce any behavior problems that are due to stall confinement (weaving, cribbing, and so on) or to boredom or pent-up energy.

There's also a small "boo-boo pen" where horses who can't be with the herd due to injuries or other reasons can be turned out.

The riding ring is also used for turnout.

The Riding Ring

The facility offers a 75 x 90 square practice ring. The base is a mix of sand and stone dust. The ring is lit for night practice.

The Barn

As with any horse lover, our barn is a place away from the typical hustle and bustle of those stressful daily events! We have a modern, heated, well equipped facility, including a new full bath and plans for a future break room with kitchenette. We also have a washer machine hookup for washing horse blankets. We are always looking to further improve our facility for the comfort of our boarders and visitors.

We offer full board only. We are an 8 stall barn with 12x10 matted stalls includes shavings, hay and basic grain. Any supplements or specialty grains are the responsibility of the horse owner, though we will gladly feed them. Coming in the near future, we will employ a web cam for boarders so you can log in and watch your horse in his/her stall! Individual care and attention in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.



We look forward to hearing from you…we welcome your questions and are happy to provide tours of our barn and facilities!


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